Online Spray Foam Training and Installer Certification

Why become a certified foam installer?

ThermoSeal provides online and on-site spray foam training certification and 24 x 7 support to all our partners. We also offer significant discounts on spray foam, coatings, equipment, and parts to all our certified installers.

ThermoSeal gives its installers a tremendous advantage over the competition by offering more densities and qualities of spray foams than any other company in the industry. Certified installers can become successful rapidly by using ThermoSeal's unique brand name of quality products such as ThermoSeal 500, ThermoSeal 800, ThermoSeal 1200, ThermoSeal 1600, ThermoSeal 2000, ThermoSeal 2500, ThermoSeal 2700, and ThermoSeal 3000. Our multiple qualities of spray foam will help it installers win more jobs by offering a competitive advantage and a better fit for the building owner by using the right foam for the job, or multiple foams for one job to reach the owners objectives.

After your Spray Foam Training and Certification is complete, you will be able to receive spray foam leads and project bids from homeowners and architects looking for a well qualified spray foam installer. We do not charge you for these leads. They are our way of helping and supporting our installers grow their spray foam business by utilizing the best spray foam insulation on the market.

Online spray foam training in 3 easy steps

Why choose ThermoSeal training course?

Our foam training and certifiation program is second to none. Learn from professionals with over 40 years of professional industry experience. Not only will you learn how to apply spray foam insulation but also safety techniques to keep you, your crew, and your customers safe. Once you complete the training program, we will provide the widest assortment of products available like ThermoSeal USA foam products, ongoing marketing and sales Support, homeowner financing for spray foam insulation through certified partners, unlimited technical assistance, product availability, and lead generation. Read below for other key features of our spray foam training program.

When we receive project request or someone looking for a referral, we will point them your way. Helping installers with free leads is our way of thanking you for your support. We typically look into our certified installer database and refer the potential customer to a local spray foam insulation installer.

The Spray Foam Training is 100% Free

free training program

We provide a 100% free online spray foam training certification program. There are many companies out there that require you to pay thousands of dollars, but we beleive our investment in technology to provide insulation contractors free online training will help us improve the spray foam industry by createing more educated and professionally trained installers.

Spray Foam Training is 100% Online

online training

Technology has improved so much in the last several years that we are able to provide the same on-site spray foam training, except now its 100% online. Why travel hundreds of miles to an on-site foam training location when you can get trained online. Complete the spray foam training on your own time over the weekend or when its conveninet to you.

Learn industry standard spray foam safety techniques.

spray foam safety

Safety training is of utmost importance to us as it should be to you and your employees and customers. In the spray foam training course you will learn key spray foam techniques to keep you compliant and safe. Not getting properly trained can be a financial liability as well as dangerouse to lives.

Learn how to professionally apply spray foam

applying spray foam

You will learn proper techniques to apply spray foam. How to use and maintain your spray foam equipment. By following the key principals you will learn how to to apply spray foam more efficiently which results in less mistakes and higher profits for you.

Instant Certificate download

installer certificate

You will receive instant feedback during your spray foam trianing. Each question will be answered one by one to not just tell you the answer is incorrect, but to help you understand what the correct answer is. Once you complete the spray foam training program you will be able to downoad your official certified installer certificate.