24 Foot Box Truck

24 Foot Box Truck by ThermoSeal

Product Description

Custom built to your specifications, our 24' box truck is the ultimate foam installation system. Includes hoses, proportioner, spray guns, generator, full electrical system, air purification system, and more. Truck not included

  • Price: $78,674

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Items Included

Individual products within a package will vary

  • ACME G-250 H proportioner 40+ Lbs per minute output at 2000 psi, 3phase, 15,000 watt heaters you can select a proportioner that best meets your needs
  • 50'x3/8 Heated Hoses with thermocouple and scuff guard (2000psi)
  • 50'x3/8 Heated Hoses with scuff guard - non-temperature sensing (2000psi)
  • 10' Heated Whip,
  • 2000 psi (138 bar) - 1/4 in x 10 ft (9.5 mm x 3 m)
  • Fusion (03) mix chamber with clean out drill bits, (0.060 orifice size)
  • #AR6060 Fusion Round Spray Gun - AR5252 (02) mix chamber (0.052 orifice size)
  • Part #246102 Fusion gun cleaning kit
  • Part #15D546 Fusion Side Seal Repair Kit (Package of 2)
  • Part #246348 Gun seal repair kit, includes all necessary o-rings for the entire gun assembly
  • Fusion Gun Screen Kit 80 Mesh #246359
  • IPM Stainless 2:1,
  • 5.5 Gal/Minute Pump (#OP232C)
  • A & B Material supply hoses,
  • 28'x 3/4" IPM Agitator (Mostly used on .5lb formulations)
  • Hankinson Air Dryer
  • Compressor Hose package including all hoses, fittings, and quick connects.
  • AirManifold Assembly
  • 50 ft (15 m) PermaLife aerospace engineered non-piercable nylon scuffguard - TEXS73
  • Drum Band Heaters with Thermoststat Recirculation Block and Assembly
  • John Deere Hi-Output Custom built Generator Unit (equivilent of 35kw) w/40 cfm built in air
  • Bulkhead Built to reduce noise and climate control
  • Built in Heater System for winter Customer Supplied Box Truck
  • Hose Bracket - 15B805
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Fire Extingusher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Complete Wiring package including copper wiring, multiple outlets, ciruit breaker panel, transfer switch, breakers, lighting, etc
  • Winter Package- Insulating the entire vehicle
  • Trailer Mounted Workbench with Vice and drawers.
  • Intake Louver
  • 3/4 inch air regulator
  • Allegro 3 Man Fresh Air Worker System with 3 Masks, 300' of Hose and a 1.5HP Fresh AIr SYstem Motor #9210-03
  • 25 Lens Covers for Allegro Mask
  • Sperian Large Full Face Mask #803-500 for use with Sperian Organic Cartridges #B100-100
  • Sperion Full Face Mask Cartridges (Box of 6)#B100-100 for use with Sperian Full Face Mask #802-500 or #803-500
  • Electric Cutting System with Blade adapter
  • 36" Cutting Blade
  • 200' Industrial Extension Cord

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