Thermoseal Eliminates Ice Damming

Thermoseal Spray Foam Insulation Eliminates Ice Damming and Ice Related Roof Damages in Homes

Many insurance companies no longer cover damages due to Ice Damming. According to property “Webster, Mass.-based insurer Mapfre USA Corp. wanted to add a deductible and require consumers to pay as much as $10,000 of the costs of repairing ice-dam damage before the its coverage kicked in.”

How does Ice Damming Work

Ice Damming works by having inefficient or no insulation in your homes roof deck. As it is popularly known heat rises. The heat from your home rises to your attic and escapes though your roof melting snow. The melted snow turns into water and as it runs down your roof it re-freezes on the edge of your roof where there is no more heat escaping which is the area where your roof overhangs your house.  As more snow melts the part that re-freezes gets larger and larger creating an “ice dam”. Like any dam this ice buildup blocks water and holds it back. As the dam gets larger it builds a reservoir of water and does not re-freeze over the section of the house where heat is escaping. As the reservoir of water gets larger it goes up under the shingles and leaks into the house causing roofing damage, interior trim damage, and sheet rock damage. If not fixed the water and moisture in your walls and roof can lead to mold, mildew, termites and other insects that seek moisture.

How do I know if I am at risk of Ice Damming?

If you have Icicles on your roof, you are already at risk of Ice Damming. The process has already begun and you are at risk of interior and roof damage. You need to immediately remove the frozen ice dams on the edge of your roof. 

What is the solution to eliminate ice damning?

Thermoseal Spray Foam has a permanent solution! To eliminate Ice Damming forever as well as to cut your energy bills up to 35% the solution is simple. Simply by installing any Thermoseal Spray Foam in your roofdeck will eliminate heat loss through your roof. Snow will no longer melt by being subjected to escaping heat, and will now only melt naturally via the sun and the warmer weather from the spring. This natural melting of the snow results in zero Ice Damming. No more Icicles, No more wasted energy, and Zero risk of Ice damming! Simple. And you will cut your Energy Bills by up to 35% as the majority of heat loss in homes is through the roof.

House with no spray foam Insulation

Here is a house WITHOUT Spray Foam Insulation in the roof. You can see where the heat is escaping through the roof, melting the snow, and starting the Ice Damming process.

House WITH spray foam Insulation

Here is a house WITH Spray Foam Insulation in the roof. You can see there is no heat escaping through the roof and no snow is melting. The energy savings are significant.

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Article written by Richard Ettinger Jr, General Manager of Thermoseal,llc.