New FlameGuard FG700

ThermoSeal Announces ThermoSeal FlameGuard FG700

New Canaan, CT (PRWEB) February 11, 2013

ThermoSeal, a leader in the spray foam industry and the manufacturer of ThermoSeal brand spray foam insulation and coatings announced today a launch of its long awaited FlameGuard FG700. ThermoSeal FlameGuard FG700 is an extremely high quality, low density spray foam with top rated physical properties, ease of installation, and the safest flame properties in the industry.

ThermoSeal objective was to create the highest quality, flame and smoke resistant foam in the industry. FG700 is easy to install, is aesthetically appealing, has virtually no odor, when compared to its competitors fire-resistant low density foams had ½ the smoke, virtually no flame in comparison, and better performing physical properties than the competition.

“With the rapid and ongoing changes in todays building codes it is important to offer a fire safe foam without the need to coat the foam with an ignition barrier in attics and crawl spaces” said Richard Ettinger, General Manager of ThermoSeal. “While a few competitors have introduced ignition barrier free products, the consensus is that none are of very high quality, and we have not been impressed with the fire and smoke performance of these products. Its performance, safety and physical properties are the best in the industry ” ThermoSeal FlameGuard FG700 has been long awaited by the industry offering superior fire safety and a higher R-Value meaning less foam needs to be installed while waste and labor costs are minimized.

“As always ThermoSeal is viewed as offering the highest quality of spray foam and service in the industry and FlameGuard FG700 continues this trend.” Ettinger said.

For additional information, product availability, pricing, and warehouse locations, contact Richard Ettinger, the General Manager of ThermoSeal, at (800)-853-1577.

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