ThermoSeal 800 Open cell 0.8 lbs spray foam

Brand : ThermoSeal USA
Worksite Delivery: Yes
Same Day Pick-up: Yes

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Download the ThermoSeal 800 Open Cell specification sheet here.

Product Name

ThermoSeal 800 is the registered trademark of ThermoSeal for its .6lb to .8lb light density, open cell foam insulation.

Product Description

ThermoSeal 800 is a semi-rigid, totally water blown, .6lb to .8lb light density polyurethane foam insulation system which simultaneously insulates and air-seals your building structure. Insulation foam is designed to make homes more energy efficient, quieter, healthier and more comfortable. Its applied as a liquid spray which expands approximately 80 times its initial mass and cures within seconds into a semi-rigid mass. The spray foam fills all building cavities completely sealing all cracks, crevices, and voids where air loss and infiltration are most common. If needed, excess material is easily trimmed off leaving a surface ready for drywall.