ThermoSeal 1600 - Closed Cell Spray Foam Set

Brand : ThermoSeal USA
Worksite Delivery: Yes
Same Day Pick-up: Yes

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Download the ThermoSeal 1600 Closed Cell specification sheet here.

ThermoSeal 1600 is a semi-rigid, water blown, 1.6lb high density polyurethane foam insulation system which simultaneously insulates and air-seals your building structure. ThermoSeal 1600 is designed to make homes more energy efficient, quieter, healthier and more comfortable. ThermoSeal 1600 is applied as a liquid spray which expands approximately 30 times its initial mass and cures within seconds into a semi-rigid mass. ThermoSeal 1600 fills all building cavities completely sealing all cracks, crevices, and voids where air loss and infiltration are most common.