ThermoSeal Roof Foam 2700

ThermoSeal Roof Foam 2700 a two component polyurethane foam roofing and insulation system by ThermoSeal

Product Name

ThermoSeal 2700 is the registered trademark of for its 2.7lb high density, closed cell foam roofing and specialty insulation.

Product Description

ThermoSeal 2700 is a two component semi-rigid, high density, closed cell 2.7 lb polyurethane foam roofing and insulation system which insulates, waterproofs, weatherproofs and air-seals your buildings exterior roof. ThermoSeal 2700 is also ideal for Storage Tank insulation, Air Barrier systems, and agricultural applications. ThermoSeal 2700 offers high compressive strengths, smooth aesthetics, and a broad application temperature window for extended project opportunities. ThermoSeal 2700 is designed to make commercial and industrial roofs stronger and more energy efficient while making the interior of the building quieter and more comfortable. ThermoSeal 2700 is applied as a liquid spray which expands approximately 5 times its initial mass and cures within seconds into a semi-rigid mass. ThermoSeal 2700 provides seamless protection by filling all roofing cavities, cracks, crevices, and voids where water permeability, moisture permeability, air loss and infiltration are most common.

Download the ThermoSeal Roof Foam 2700 specification sheet here.